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    PHP::MySource::Session - read / write MySource PHP session files

    use PHP::MySource::Session;

    my $session = PHP::MySource::Session->new
                (      mysource_root=>"/mysource/root",

    # see if this user is logged in
    my $foo = $session->is_logged_in();

    my $foo = $session->get_registered_name();

    my $foo = $session->get_editor_pages();

    my $foo = $session->get_print_errors();

    my $foo = $session->get_result_message();

    my $foo = $session->get_user();

    my $foo = $session->get_external_vars();

    my $foo = $session->get_error_call();

    my $foo = $session->get_login_attempts();

    my $foo = $session->get_access_groups();

    my $foo = $session->get_error_msg();

    my $foo = $session->get_login_key();

    my $foo = $session->get_last_access();

    # Just dump out all of the Session variables
    print $session->dump();

    PHP::MySource::Session provides a way to read variables from PHP4
    session files created by version 2.8.2 of the MySource content
    management system.

    MySource is available at The author
    of this module has no affiliation with MySource other than being
    a happy customer.

    MySource saves PHP4 session files to the "cache" directory under
    the MySource root directory by default. If the cache directory
    is located somewhere else or named differently, you can pass 
    mysource_cache to the constructor method.

    *   This is very basic and is based on gross assumptions of how
        MySource works. As I have time, I will hopefully be able to
        refine these assumptions.

    *   Allow "set" methods
    *   Create methods that do more than just retrieve and save
        variables (i.e. is_logged_in, get_acess_groups)

    Dave Homsher, II 

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

    the PHP::Session manpage

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